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Remembering Bishop
William Young

  • Bishop Young held countless titles and meant many things to a multitude of people. But to me he was half of the team that Saved My Life! I affectionately called him my favorite kind of Life Saver and I meant that! Thank You Bishop for everything, Rest Well Life Saver!

    Gwendolyn Turner
  • Brother Twig, you were an inspiration to me and love my father’s gospel music ( Brother Joe May). Yiu will forever be remembered not only as a brother of Kappa Alpha Psi but also as a man of “God”.

    Joseph May
  • Paul tells us, though we naturally grieve at losing loved ones, we are not “to grieve like the rest of men, who have no hope” – so, with that in mind – I’m saying to my dearest friend William Young, our parting is not the need of our relationship, it’s only an interpretation. I will forever miss and love you!

    Pastor Fannie Kelley
  • Bishop William Young has been a force for good in the name of God in this community for decades. In my role as pastor of Second Baptist Church, I have had the privilege of walking alongside him as our congregations have worked to build bridges of trust, collaboration, and healing. More than that, I – along with untold numbers of others – have had the good fortune to develop a friendship that has been a source of encouragement and grace in my life. We celebrate his legacy and rejoice that, for him, he is fully and finally at home in the care of our God whom he has loved and served faithfully across the years.

    Pastor Stephen Cook
  • Twig was my true Kappa Brother, who was loved and respected by all. He was always there for those that needed him. He was very caring for his brothers having health issues. He was more than a friend, he was a brother.

    Michael “Chili” Cox
  • Bishop Young was my mentor, friend and confidant. He provided me a space to be free and transparent as I struggled in ministry and marriage. Bishop always told me the truth and found away to keep me focused on my calling and purpose. I always left his presence with HOPE that things would get better! Bishop was a staunch supporter of my work. He served on the Mayor’s Faith-Based Council and we often partnered together to bring healing to the community. He was always available and committed to serving in whatever capacity he was asked. Bishop and Pastor Diane often allowed Mayor Wharton and I to host their Sunday morning radio show. The Road to Healing! Those opportunities to sit in and pray for the community were therapeutic and blessed our souls. I thank God for you Bishop and I will see you when I get there!!!

    Pastor James Nelson
  • I’ve had the opportunity to meet & get to know this awesome Man Of God who was an awesome husband, father & community leader. I worked along side him & his wife with the Suicide Prevention program. His legacy has paved the way for others to follow. He will be greatly missed! Rest In Love Bishop!

    Bishop Jonathan Prince
  • Brother Young, you were a Kappa’s Kappa and a NUPE’s NUPE! Your passing is a blow to Alpha Theta and Kappa alike. Thank you for always being there for me. Larry D. 🙏🏽👌🏽

    Larry D. Haralson
  • Bishop Young is the true example of servant leadership. His love and compassion are two 9f his greatest strengths. God was kind to allow me to share earth time with Bishop Young. RIH!

    Pastor R. Troy Wilkins
  • Pastor William Young was an awesome man of God. I will always be grateful for the love and support he gave me and I will never forget all the encouragement he gave me down through the years. I will continue to carry on as well as extend my love and support to your family.

    Mischelle Alexander
  • Bishop William (and Pastor Dianne Young) Young were instrumental in helping our family process grief after the suicide of my brother. His words of wisdom will live in our hearts forever. It was an honor to have known Bishop William T. Young!

    Rev. Bashana Wright
  • My friend and Great Leader in our community. Bishop Young and first lady Pastor Young always had a plan for not only the are of Oakhaven but this entire City. He has now join the ranks of the Late Senator Roscoe Dixon and the Late OC Pleasant. They were all teachers to this young community with that in itself he will be very strongly missed. Farewell Bishop your works will continue to be carried out by your wife and childrens.

    Executive Director Coleman Thompson
  • I remember probably about 10 years ago, I was blessed with the opportunity to work with the Emotional Fitness Centers of Tennessee, a grant funded program that combined Faith and Mental Health . This program took away the stigma concerning mental health in the black community. During that time, I saw the sincere passion, concern and calling of Dr. Young for emotional and mental wholeness. It ignited my passion as well! Each week as I sat in those sessions that addressed a variety of emotional and mental health issues that affect our community, not only did I gain insight on how I could help others, I received help for myself! I am forever grateful! From that time until now, he has been my teacher and I his student!

    Stephanie Dillard, First Lady
  • Bishop Young was inspirational for me. A God sent man who expressed love for all people. He actually listened to others and even when he disagreed, he didn’t belittle or express disgust. He was not so heavenly bound that he was no earthly good. A humble man of God whom I will never forget. I met him as his Physical Therapist and the joy and trust in his spirit made him my friend.

    F. Donald Coleman
  • Bishop William Young was a man who exuded wisdom, love, and care. My wife and I have had the honor of appearing on an episode of TBN with him and Pastor Diane Young. They also work along aside us with When Pastors Pray ministry. His wisdom and experience proved valuable as we ministered to the mental health and suicide prevention of pastors. The memory dearest to my heart is his care in grief counseling to me and my family after the untimely loss of my younger brother.

    Apostle B Donald Harris
  • William, (Twig), and I go back to days on the Tennessee State Campus. I am grateful that our paths crossed in preaching and members of KAY. His legacy will continue through the many lives that he touched..

    Sherman L. Helton, Sr., Dr.
  • Bishop Young’s visionary leadership and his mission to stabilize the emotional wellness of our community is without parallel. He loved God earnestly by educating the world to seek mental “Christlike” clarity and to minister out of an abundance of compassion. We owe Bishop (and his family) a great debt of gratitude for his service and sacrifice to this present age. His indelible impact will echo throughout eternity!

    Pastor Darell Harrington
  • I can’t ever remember a time when he wasn’t there for Garry and me. Whenever I had a concern, problem or sick in and out of the hospital, he was there. I could always call on him for guidance. He is a part of the glue for my marriage and will always be a part of my heart. I love and will miss him.

    Pastor Joyce E. Shaw
  • Bishop William Young was a servant of God who was concerned about the entire man; mind, body, and soul. He was a mentor to those of us that were trying to find our way and friend that we could confide in. He presence will be missed but his legacy will live for every!

    Pastor Paul K Reed, Sr
  • Bishop Williams Young was a great spiritual father,leader,and motivator in my life. In a very dark season in my life…he gave me a card and it said…..GRACE. That day forward I moved forward and refused to give up. His legacy lives on through me..

    Evangelist Andria Ivory-Tunstall
  • Bishop William Young came into my life when I lost all trust in myself with the church and with anyone else, I was broken, wounded and suicidal. I was molested and misguided by my Pastor and rejected by some family members, Bishop gave me the tools necessary to trust, survive, forgive, heal and move forward. His calls and sessions kept me from giving up. To God be the glory for Bishop William Young, I am literally Alive and now happily married and successful because of his TEACHINGS and caring COUNSELING!

    Tammie Walker Smith
  • Bishop, Thank you for sharing your wisdom, leadership and anointing as our spiritual father. You taught us that the “GRACE” of God will see us through any situation. Thank you for allowing us to sit at your feet to learn from you. You were our mentor, counselor and father. Your legacy will live on through us. We Love You! Pastor TJ & Lisa Johnson

    Pastor TJ and Lisa Johnson
  • Since I heard of your transition. I have been reflecting on all the tough conversations and the good ones. Reading text messages of you encouraging me as far back as 2009. I will to say the most memorable lessons you taught me was Principles of Authority and Lesson on Grace. Yes, I still have the little peace of paper you put in my pocket that changed my life.

    Michael Easterling
  • Bishop was a mentor to me. The things he taught me about ministry I continue to use every day of my life. I cherish the times that we spent together, the classes that he taught at Greater Imani.I will forever. be thankful for all that he has done for me.

    Dr. Bill Adkins
  • Bishop Young was literally my Apostle Paul. It was under his leadership that I learned how to Shepherd God’s people. When God called me to Pastor I sat down with him. He told me that if God called me then why haven’t I answered the call, he told me to always study to show myself approved so that I want be out here Boot-Legging the gospel. He was more than just a Pastor to me, he was a Father, a friend a brother and a spiritual mentor. I became a better man, husband, father and Pastor all because of his guidance. His legacy will forever live on in me and my personal ministry.

    Pastor Kelvin Bowen
  • I had the blessings of knowing Bishop Young for many years as he has been a national authority on mental wellness particularly in the black church. I consider him a mentor and went to him for advise concerning pastoring, advise for marriage, and advise on life. He has been a tremendous supporter of Tennessee State University and loves his fraternity. God did us all a favor when he created such an honorable man as Bishop Young. I will forever be indebted to his family for the love and support he gave me. He will have to watch Paul become the Mayor of Memphis from heaven but his spirit is still here with us. Blessings Pastor Frank Stevenson,

    Pastor Frank Stevenson
  • Bishop Young and I go way back in time. From Memphis and Methodist to Boliver and Healing Center. Rest In Peace my beloved friend. We did many things together.

    Pastor Chester Berryhill
  • I am grateful to have met the giant of a man, Dr. William Young. His wisdom was piercing and prophetic. God led my husband I to both Dr. Young and Pastor Young as we launched When Pastors Pray. It was a ministry iniative to help clergy men and women overcome depression, despondancy and prevent continual suicide. WPP was succesful as it was because his hands were on it. On a personal note, when we had a tragic death of a family member. He provided grief counseling for our entire household. Our lives have been enriched because Dr. Young was part of it. He greatly missed and treasured.

    Dr. Domeniek Harris
  • “Why would you not want to get better at doing what you love?” This was the question he asked after a stern rebuke, with love of course. That conversation changed me. Thank you for the tough talks, love and wisdom.

    Patrick Herrington, Sr
  • Bishop Young was a pioneer in Hospital Chaplaincy. As the first African American Chaplain at Methodist Healthcare, he paved the way for all of us who followed him. William was a willing mentor who continually shared his time, wisdom and guidance. His legacy will live on, but he will be missed. Rest well.

    Dr. Bobby G. Baker
  • Bishop and Pastor Young have supported, encouraged and loved us as though we were their own family. Bishop was the father figure that prayed for us when we were sick, helped us with our dissertations in our Doctoral Programs, supported us in ministry, fished with us in his lake and provided us with Godly advice. There will never another man like Bishop William Young. We love you Bishop, always and all ways.

    Drs. Chuck and Deneen Lester
  • My Friend;Mighty Warrior,we started out on “The Old Path” (Jer. 6 (16)) a long time ago, now you’re at rest and at peace from your labors. You preached The True Gospel of Jesus Christ, you laid hands on the sick, cast out devil’s and got us filled with the Holy Spirit-You Kept The Faith: Going to Miss You.

    Bishop Leo Holt
  • Brother Young was one of the most soft spoken, kind hearted, forward thinking brothers anyone could ever meet. His smile and demeanor will always be a part of the DynamiK 21 Alpha Theta pledge line. We are all very blessed to have been associated with him. A memory of him will forever live in our hearts.

    David E Armstead
  • Champion, inspiration, true Warrior and friend are terms that only begin to describe what Bishop William Young meant to the Booker T. Washington Alumni Class of 1971. On many occasions he welcomed us into his home and church for our class gatherings. When the BTW Class of 71 started the planning process for the BTW Alumni Barbecue Cook-off, a charitable event to promote fellowship and giving back to Booker T. Washington High School, Bishop Young graciously embraced the cause. He not only provided us with airtime on their WLOK radio broadcast “On the Road to Healing” but also made the first monetary donation. “And, though the Warrior’s sun has set, its light shall linger round us yet, bright, radiant, blest.” -Jorge Manrique Thank you Bishop William Young for being an exemplary Warrior and the wind beneath our wings. Our continued thoughts and prayers are with our classmate, Pastor Dianne Young, family, and all those impacted by the passing of Bishop Young

    Inez Siggers on behalf of Booker T. Washington High School c/o 1971
  • Bishop was such a courageous soul! A man who lead by example, guided with sound wisdom, and protected the family of faith with confidence! My family and I are grateful for the gift of his guidance. He cared with such grace… until again!

    Shemika Herrington
  • Bishop William Young was a dear friend and brother. He along with Pastor Diane shared their wisdom with our congregation. Moreover, many couples who we often referred to them for extensive counseling were able to overcome various obstacles in their marriages. Bishop was a man of impeccable character and devotion to God. This was seen in the way he nurtured and cared for the people of God. He carried in him a wealth of knowledge and information and he did not mind sharing that knowledge with others so that they might become better. Personally, as I endured much grief from the loss of my mom and sister, he was there to pour into me words that would help me get me through those dark seasons of my life! He was indeed a serious man but please know that his wit and sense of humor will be remembered as well. Most of all, we will remember him as a true man of God…a statesman and a General in God’s army! May his legacy continue to live on in the lives of those who loved him the most – his wife and family and the entire congregation of the Healing Center Church Family!

    Pastor Samuel and Lady Barbara Jackson Sago
  • Bishop William Young is one of my heroes. He put so much time and effort into suicide prevention in the Black religious community because he and his wife, Pastor Dianne, understood that in OUR community, it starts with the Church. He and Dianne started over 25 years ago and never looked back. His first book on grieving is so on point and it has helped me tremendously with my support groups on grief. Bishop Young will be sorely missed and his dedication on suicide prevention will only spread like wild fire. Love you Bishop and thank you for all you have done. May you Rest in Power.

    Dr Donna Holland Barnes
  • There are not enough words to express my sincere gratitude to you. In this life, you operated as a giant in ministry and the community, but you always reached back to make sure that we were granted the privilege of being mentored and nurtured by you. My life is better because God allowed me to call you my other dad! With immeasurable love and gratitude~Dr. Cynthia Alexander Mitchell

    Dr. Cynthia Alexander Mitchell
  • Bishop Young. Impacted my life in many ways, but the most impactful was to give and receive ‘GRACE’!He also empowered me to do the work of the ministry and have holy boldness. I will also be forever grateful for his Generosity, Love and Trust he gave me!!! Bishop William Young, thank you for your service!!

    Deacon Bill Bradford
  • Bishop Young said something that was so profound and relevant one Sunday morning while preaching, and I shall never forget it. Thank you Bishop. 🕊RIHP 🕊 “JESUS is like a Divine Credit Card…one should never leave home without Him…as that Divine Credit Card has UNLIMITED ACCESS.” Glory To GOD, What a RHEMA WORD🙌🏽. 

    Minister Dinita White
  • The most Profound thing that will always be in my heart and in my spirit, that my Bishop William M. Young use to teach was…… “Affirmations of faith, always Affirm others, it will always come back to you” I will never forget your foundational and spiritual teachings! Love you Bishop😍 

    Dorothy Colvin
  • I feel that Bishop Young and I were so Spiritually Connected until seems I can now hear him saying these words to me, “(Chris) I have fought a good fight, I have finished my course, I have kept the Faith…..

    Pastor Chris Laws
  • I just want to say that, Bishop Young was the most knowledgeable, kind, and humbled person I’ve ever met. He was a Father, Preacher and a great Teacher of the word of God. I will miss our talks!

    Pamela Neal
  • We are Grateful to sit under Bishop Young. Your Legacy and Leadership will forever live! Thank you for everything and rest on Bishop Young. Always love ❤️. Team Healing Center. Minister Charles & Tracy Stitts, The Healing Center

    Minister Charles Stitts
  • I Thank the Lord for ordering my steps to, The Healing Center Full Gospel Baptist Church. Bishop Young’s teaching and preaching inspired me to go back to college, and earn my education in Mental Health Counseling. I will always Treasure Bishop William M. Young’s Wisdom, Knowledge, and Encouraging Words that he shared so freely. Thank you Bishop! Vanita THC

  • “REST IN PEACE” !!!! Bishop William Young Deacon Kenneth Mays THC

    Deacon Kenneth Mays
  • I am glad and grateful I was able to attend his noon Bible study classes where he taught me about God, God word and God promises. He would stress the importance to us with having a relationship with Our Father.

    Kenneth Mays Deacon
  • The following statement from Pastor Young gave us the “Life Changing Awareness” we needed to Minister to people in general! “Hurting people, hurt other people”! Pastor Edward and Prophetess Marsha Swinney The Upper Room Empowerment Center Love you all❤️

    Pastor Edward and Prophetess Marsha Swinney
  • Two of my favorite quotes from Bishop is……… “Turn yourself in” (when you know you’re on the wrong path)” ~And~ “Hold on with bull dog Tenacity”(when you feel like giving up) Delois Williamson The Healing Center

    Delois Williamson
  • When I went to The Healing Center I was so in the need of Healing, My emotions were all over the place And I could not control my feelings I was the Praise and Worship Leader And the requirement of the Ministry Was to take classes for “Damaged Emotions”, So we could help others be FREE!⛓ Thank you Bishop Young for teaching me, How controlling my emotions, should go And when it’s absolutely necessary Have the wisdom and courage to say “NO!” ~~~Mother Mary L. Miller~~~ The Upper Room Empowerment Center

    Mother Mary L. Miller
  • I am forever blessed and secure, in the love of God. This is because of Bishop William Young. He said that I didn’t have to work, or perform for God to love me. All I had to do was just let God love me. I will always love and be grateful for Bishop William Young! Pastor Ethel R. Harris THC

    Pastor Ethel R. Harris
  • One of the most important things Bishop Young said to me was at work on August 28, 1983; at Methodist Hospital.  I had this uncontrollable desire to preach the Gospel.  I shared this with Bishop Young.  HE SAID TO ME, “WHAT DO YOU WANT THE LORD TO DO, WRITE IT ON THE WALL.  GO FAST AND PRAY, THE LORD WILL TELL YOU WHAT TO DO”, He hurt my feelings.  I went back to work, to take care of my patients, then walking down the hall I opened my mouth and said “I have been called to preach the Gospel.”  That burden was lifted.  I accepted my call to preach the Gospel on August 28, 1983. My family and I became members of his church.  Our relationship grew. He assigned me to my first pastorage of his church in Bolivar TN.  The rest is history.  It is because of Bishop William Young I am, who I am and where I am today. Pastor Garry L, Shaw, Sr.

    Pastor Garry L. Shaw, Sr.
  • Dr. Young had a unique way of making everyone feel valued. His encouragement, wisdom, and spiritual insight was priceless to me as a bivocational Pastor and an African American male. His preaching was unparalleled and his ability to communicate gravitated you into his presence. Always teaching, always loving, he was always there. I’ll miss you my Friend.

    John B. Smith
  • I Thank God for the life of Bishop William Young, how he was there for me & my family! Thank You 

    Barbara Smith
  • Thank you for being my longtime friend and my Bishop. Your kindness will never be forgotten by me and my family!  BTW Class of 1964’

    Amelia Gibson-Harris
  • Pastor Dianne, I thank God for you and Bishop Young being the guiding lights on my “Road to Healing”. The radio ministry drew me in and you two shepherded me into the will of GOD. Eternally grateful…

    Mrs. Arabella Bruce
  • To a man that taught me to never be afraid to speak up or speak out. Bishop William Young. 🥰 He always told me to do it while your afraid. He always believed in me. He in courage me to be the person I am today an Arthur. I thank God that Bishop kept calling my name in Bible class Angela Fitts. That help me not to fear God people. He taught me how to pray out loud in front of others. 👍 Thank you Jesus for sending Bishop William Young to my life. Amen 🙏🏽 

    Angela Fitts
  • Bishop Young was the greatest Teacher to ever do it. He would say to me “Pam Get In The Word “ for yourself and you won’t be fooled, Because I can tell you anything. Thanks “Leader By Example”. I’ve been so blessed to be under you guys Umbrella!☂️  THC

    Pamela Smith-Williams
  • To My Beloved Bishop, I am blessed to have had you in my life. Your gift of insight helped lead me from darkness to light and from mourning to joy. God used you as a tool of restoration in my life and the ripple effect has been great. Because of your passion for mental wellness I have been able to help others in their journey to wholeness. You will forever be in my heart because a life well lived will NEVER be forgotten. You were a Difference Maker!!! Joe Anne Nicholson

    Joe Anne Nicholson
  • My spiritual father, one of the most humble men I’ve known…. Words cannot express how I feel, or how much I’m going to miss you. Thanks for being a true example of what a man of God is. Take your much deserved rest and “I’ll see you on the other side”! Love you,  THC

    Cornelius & Alisa D. Driver
  • My spiritual father, one of the most humble men I’ve known…. Words cannot express how I feel or how much I’m going to miss you. Thanks for being a true example of what a man of God is. Take your much deserved rest and I’ll see you on the other side! Love you, Bishop!

    Alisa D. Driver
  • One of the most prolific Preachers I’ve had the pleasure of knowing. Thank you Bishop William M Young! RIP you will truly be missed! 

    Minister Jeanice White
  • Bishop William young will be missed I can remember nothing but love from this whole family I first meet them thu our boys playing together they always wanted to be Over Bishop and Pastor house then I meet them yes Godly loving people always open to talk to you pray with you not only that walk with you on whatever you was going through when ever we talked he would always let me know to tell my boys if they needed to talk to him just call him or come by to see him and right now I am glad to be a part of the Healing Center Family I will keep the young family in my prayers I love You’ll. Carolyn Lee

    Carolyn Lee
  • I was so saddened to hear of Bishop Young’s transition from finitude to eternal life, but my heart was also filled with joy when I think of God’s generosity in sharing the gift of Bishop Young with us for 77 years. Who among us were not blessed with his geneorus spirit, were not encouraged by a kind word, were not inspired by his passionate commitment to stomp out the stigma associated with suicide in the Black church? Bishop Young, along with his wife Pastor Dianne Young, leave a legacy of lives saved, empowered minds, and healed spirits because of their tireless work to eradicate suicide in the Black community. It was an honor and a privilege to work in God’s vineyard alongside these spiritual giants. You will be sorely missed Bishop, but will continue to live on in our hearts and through the legacy of your work. We will keep the Young family and the Healing Center community in our prayers.

    Dr. Sherry Davis Molock
  • When I came to the Healingcenter in 2002 I my life was a mess my husband and I was separated Bishop told me I had done nothing that God couldn’t forgive and took out a card and wrote something on it and gave it to me it was grace I still have that card today, Grace

    Oh happy day was one of Bishop favorite songs from the choir after singing it one Sunday he told Julia God is going to use you some day Bishop was always encouraging wisdom beyond he years will be missed

    Julia Jones
  • Bishop William Young made a significant impact, not only in my life, but my family as well. He was there to help during some very trying times. Bishop Young was highly respected and loved by many. He will be greatly missed, but his legacy lives on.

    Carol Mckinnie
  • “A Real Man After God’s Own Heart, like David” Bishop William M .Young . 

    Mary Torry
  • Dr. Young was an integral part of my education as a counselor. His unwavering sense of purpose to mental health and love for people are just a few of his qualities that continue to inspire me. Kevin and I are forever grateful to have had a friendship with such a gentle giant. Bishop William Young leaves a lasting legacy of hope and healing in the heart of Memphis! ~Dr. Linda Willis and Bishop Kevin Willis, Sr.~

    Dr. Linda Willis and Bishop Kevin Willis
  • When Bishop Young Counsel me concerning my Biological father, “I WAS TOTALLY HEALED” 

    Gabriel Tunstall
  • Bishop Young taught us to LOVE 💘 unconditional “ALWAYS” 

    Mother Josephine Ivory
  • GRACE…. Every time I think of Bishop William M. Young, I hear him saying “GRACE!” I am truly thankful to God for allowing me the joy and privilege of having Bishop Young as my Spiritual Father. Vate and I came to the Healing Center in 1996. Bishop and Pastor Diane Young became not only our Spiritual Leaders but also our Spiritual Parents. We gained so much wisdom and knowledge from Bishop. Even when the Lord led us to other places, we knew that we could always come home to Dad and Mom. Bishop Young, a Giant in the Lord, helped to shape me into who I am today in ministry. When I came to the Healing Center, I came with a call and Bishop groomed me to walk in and fulfill that calling. His legacy will forever live on in my heart and in my sermons. Rest on, my Daddy! Truly you fought a good fight.

    Pastor Shelby Lynn Tate
  • I’m remembering how he praised me about being faithful and always there serving the church and I will miss you so much Bishop!❤️ 

    Sade’ Hughlett
  • With sincere gratitude! There are people who impact your life in the most transformative way! William and Diane Young are those people for Alex and me. As our pastors, they played a significant role in helping us to discover and develop our spiritual potential and discern our divine purpose. Pastor Young was a true visionary who understood the importance of competent spiritual practitioners. We were ordained under his ministry and had extensive training to prepare us for effective personal ministry. Because of the Young’s we were educated, empowered and thoroughly equipped to live a life of power and purpose. We are eternally grateful for his divine influence and pastoral grace! ~ In grace & gratitude

    Alex and Veronica Cochran
  • This is my “BISHOP MEMORABLE MOMENT” I would like to share… One day Bishop Young asked me to cut the grass at the Healing Center. I was thinking I was going to get paid like $2,000, but Bishop gave me a voided check and told me “You did it for the Lord”!! 

    Eric Thomas
  • One of Bishop Young’s famous Lines, especially to his Preacher’s, whose time has come……. “Do it while you’re “SCARED”😳

    Pastor David Greenlee
  • YES, Bishop Young Said it………… “Folk aren’t as Fragile as they sometimes appear, the truth will always supersede emotions” 

    Minister Usley Woods
  • “Let the elders who rule well be considered worthy of double honor, especially those who labor in preaching and teaching.” ‭‭1 Timothy‬ ‭5‬:‭17‬ ‭ESV‬‬ ~ 

    Joe Shipp
  • Bishop Young was a mentor and dear friend to me. His leadership came from a place of care and concern for everyone. Humility and strength in each sentence he spoke! I’m thankful to have spent time with him. He adopted me into his family. I will always be grateful.

    Dr. Monty Burks
  • This isTandika & I just wanted to say that Bishop ment so much to me, he will be missed……RIH 

    Tandika Isom
  • “Remember your leaders, those who dole to you the word of God. Consider the outcome of their way of life, and imitate their faith.” Hebrews 13:7. Remembering Bishop William Young with Love and Faith. 

    The Ford, Colbert and Gaters Families
  • The most memorable moment I’ve had with Bishop Young,was when we sat and talked about your mind. He would say as long as you got control of it,that would be the remedy of the cure for a lot of the anxiety and stress. And he would always give you scriptures to help with any problem. 

    Deacon Michael McDaniel
  • Bishop Young, you have truly set an example of what a pastor, father, husband and a man of God looks like. I am honored to still be a part of The Healing Center Family!!!! 

    Lisa Wilkins
  • Bishop! After 30 years of being shepherded by you, I thank God that I am equipped to keep walking the walk and talking the talk, laid out before me, because you!☝🏽 Bishop Young, has been my Bishop and Pastor for more than 30 years and I have grown to be a “Strong Soldier” for Jesus, because of his Leadership and dedication to the High Calling of God! 

    Joyce Brown
  • When I walked into The Healing Center, over 20 Yrs ago, I was so wounded and damaged emotionally, and I did not know how broken I was. But sitting there, being under the tutorage of Dr. William Young, my life changed, my world view changed, my perspective changed, about how one can be Damaged and not know that they are damaged. It was through being under that Ministry, my life began to take on a whole new perspective. I have been really blessed, because I learned so much, it was indeed an honor to be there, not just being apart of the staff, but being apart of a family!! It is an honor to say I will miss Dr. Young, I’m so grateful that I know he is present with the Lord, and more than likely giving orders, and making sure every one is HEALED!🙌🏽 

    Dr. Pamela McCoy
  • William “Twig” Young has been a friend of mine for more than 60 years. We met in Junior High School through a mutual friend and kept in touch with each other throughout the years. It has given me great pleasure to see our relationship grow from the days of hangout buddies to spiritual confidantes and prayer partners. I’ll miss our weekly calls, but I know that he is safely resting in the arms of God! 🙌🏽 

    Robert "Pete" Wells
  • Bishop William Young was a great Man of God he will be miss

    Minister Gloria Thompson
  • Thank you Bishop for believing in me, supporting me and investing into me over the years. My family is eternally grateful to you and for your wise Council.

    State Representative Karen Camper
  • Bishop, We are so Happy that your Life touched ours, and oh what a ride it has been….You have always been hands on with everything that pretained to Family, especially our Family……Counselor, Spiritual Leader, not just a SAYER, but an EXAMPLE of the things you taught! I now know how to “Do it when I’m Scared”, and how to say “NO” when it is needed! Really gonna miss you, but you will always be our beloved FRIEND, COMEDIAN, CONFIDANT, TEACHER, SPIRITUAL COUNSELOR, PASTOR, LEADER, TRAILBLAZER & our FOREVER Brother-In-Love💜💜💜💜 

    Randy & Linda Kay Brown
  • Bishop William Young was truly that “One in a Million!”. He was A Visionary/A Prophet/A Counsellor/A Man of God, handpicked by God. I thank him posthumously for all that he was to my family! My ‘Whalum’ men adored and respected him! My husband Ormer Rogers, considered him one of his Vietnam Heroes, as well as his Brother! There is so much more I could say about him, but space will not permit. My sister Pastor Dianne, will continue his Legacy of ‘Service to the people’. To my niece and nephews, I LOVE you.

    Helen Whalum Rogers
  • Bishop William Young. Words cannot express how much you will be missed in our lives. You have always provided a wealth of knowledge, spritual guidance and leadership in a magnificent way!! He was a very funny guy as well. Sharion and I would always stay with Dianne and William, at their home when we came to town. We spent a lot of quality time, with so much fun and laughter at their home. We will truly miss my brother-in-law and the love and joy we shared together!

    Square and Sharion Marshall
  • I have so many fond memories of my Uncle William, but one that I’m most proud of is the charge he lead both in the family and the community for Christ. It’s because of him that on one glorious night at Honeyrock Fellowship that I without equivocation gave my life (as a kid) to Jesus. That will ALWAYS most assuredly be my fondest and most indelible memory. We will “Always Love You “..❤️

    Andrick, Alicia, Isley & Marli Buggs