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Thursday, June 15, 2023
Morning Workshops

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Strength to Come Back from Trauma 
Priscilla Williams, LPC, NCC, CT, Clinical Therapist, Trauma Specialist Mental Health Clinic

Pastor David Young, BA, MS, Family Therapist

The Current State of Your Health In 2023 & How to Improve It
Dr. Clarence B. Davis, Internal Medicine, Atlanta, GA

Suicide Prevention Gatekeeping Training
Emily Lunn, BA, Southwest Regional Director, TSPN, Jackson, TN

Helping Lower the Rate of Youth Suicide Among LGBTQ
Harold Phillips, MRP, Director, White House Office National AIDS Policy

Grace to Grieve
Cameron Cunningham, MDiv, African American Behavioral Health Center of Excellence, Morehouse

Parents of Children With Mental Health Challenges Mental Health
Tamu Lewis, MBA Lee Thompson Young Foundation


Afternoon Workshops

Thriving in the Midst of Illness: Living Well in our Bodies & Communities
Dr. Austin Dalgo, MD, Pediatric Palliative Care Physician, University of TN, Health Science Center Dr. Shelly Oust, MD, Internal Medicine Specialty, University of TN, Health Science Center

Keeping Youth Connected
Dr. Sherry Molock, PhD, Associate Professor, Dept of Psychology George Washington University 

Bullying Is Not Okay
Roger Dinnwiddie, MEd, CEO, STARS, Nashville, TN

Proper Use of Prescription Drugs & Drug Abuse
Dr. Ted Lyons, Pharm D, Owner, ShotRX Clinical Director, APhA Immunization Trainer

I Need A Life Saver; Question, Persuade & Refer
Audrey Elion, PhD, Owner, Elion Management Consulting Co-Chair, TSPN’s Advisory Council

Suicide By Cop
Pastor James Kirkwood, Executive Director Memphis Christian Pastors Network Out of the Blue: Darkness of Depression Rick Harrell, LPC, CEO, HR Consulting

Addiction at Our Front Door: Help Through It & to Recovery
Jamie Harper, MA, Assistant Director, Faith Based Initiatives,
Tennessee Department of Mental Health and Substance Abuse Services
Arsania Wright, Coordinator, Tennessee Faith Based Community, Shelby County